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Search Engine Marketing

Few methods of marketing are as profitable as Search Engine Marketing. The idea is to be found when your potential customer is looking for your service. This isn’t a “publicity play”. This is an opportunity to be there when someone is ready to use your service. 

Many businesses have tried Search Engine Marketing with no success. We’ve seen that a lot. 

Our approach is different. Our approach is designed to understand who your best customer is, what they are searching for, and then making it easy for them to get in touch with you (and use your service).

When you pair Search Engine Marketing with Website Design, you have an ongoing recipe for success.

The interesting part of Search Engine Marketing is that there are multiple ways to win for every keyword. The Search Engine Results Page is made up of multiple types of results. These include:

  • Organic Search Results
  • Paid Search Results

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the most profitable channel of cold traffic available. To be present when someone is looking for your product or service gives you a huge selling advantage.  Then factor in the fact that you do not pay for your placement or your clicks makes it incredibly profitable for any business. 

Understandably, that makes SEO a very competitive avenue. Lucky for you, the Big Head strategists have developed methods that help your business win faster.

We use a method that uses a deep understanding of Google’s Algorithms plus an in depth competitive analysis.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is a method of Search Engine Marketing that allows you to select the keywords you’d like to be present for and present your audience with an ad. This ad would then attract your customer to get in touch with you and use your services.

The advantage of using Search Advertising is that you can have a presence on Search Engines in a matter of hours as opposed to potentially months like in SEO. 

Search Engine Advertsing can be exceptionally profitable because of the precise control that can be had over your presence. That, paired with the use of optimized landing pages can predictably bring customers to your door whenever you’d like. 

When you’re ready…

If you think Search Engine Marketing may be worth exploring for your business, the Big Head Marketing team would be happy to share a complementary audit with you. 

We would be happy to meet at our office in Doylestown, Pennsylvania or anywhere in the Philadelphia, New York City, or New Jersey area. 

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