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The reality is that people are moving faster than they ever have. People make decisions on the fly and have little tolerance for distraction. Yet, most websites are built to showcase everything that a company has to offer rather than focusing on what the customer’s specific need is. This is where a strategic Sales Funnel Agency can help increase profitability.

Did you know that for every second of delay you cause in someone’s decision making process, you lose 20% of the likelihood that they are going to make a decision at all?

This means if you give someone too many things to look at and click on, they are less likely to make a decision at all. This is why most websites fail in 2019. They are using principles from 1999 in their building process.

Sure, a traditional website is great for SEO. But, if you are running paid traffic, you need to help someone make a decision. It is your fastest way to ROI.

So, what makes a Sales Funnel different from a website?

In short, a website gives someone many decisions to make. A Funnel (in theory) gives you one decision to make.

This is the difference between ordering food at a diner vs a fine dining restaurant.

The diner has hundreds of options. 

The fine dining restaurant has fewer. 

Who do you think sells more of the high profit items?

The high end restaurant sells more high ticket items because their menu limits the choices.

Another way to think about it is to think about when you meet someone. If you give them your business card, it is up to that person to get in touch with you. But, if you get their business card, it gives you the ability to reach out to that person.

A Sales Funnel Enables follow up

A Sales Funnel establishes authority by being clear. A great use of a Sales Funnel is to offer some form of “bait” that your customer will find valuable. Essentially, you offer an ebook, a free consultation, etc. so in exchange for contact information. This gets the conversation started for you and allows your business to grow.

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