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[Checklist] Digital Marketing Is More Than Just One Thing.

By Seth Goldstein – Co-Founder/Web Geek

Digital Marketing is more than just one thing. It’s a holistic approach to getting more leads and generating more revenue online. It’s about getting exposure for your organization — raising awareness of what your business has to offer.

Without all the pieces aligned a digital marketing strategy can, and often does, falls short of reaching the goals the business set to achieve.

Here is a checklist to make sure you’re hitting or are at least aware of what needs to go into your digital marketing to make it a complete strategy.

You Need…

  • A place to convert visitors into prospects/leads? It can be as simple as a landing page with an email capture form and an offer of a whitepaper, ebook, or helpful checklist.
  • An email service provider to collect the visitors email addresses and setup a drip campaign. (Some suggested providers: AWeber, MailChimp, Active Campaign)
  • Build out a funnel to match the journey you want your prospect to take to get to you and convert.
  • A plan on how to get people to the page? Are you going to post on social media about the offer? Are you going to run some Facebook or other social network ads to it?
  • A plan for after the visitor signs up. What is your plan for ongoing outreach? Don’t go straight to the sale. Nurture the relationship. Educate them and prime them for the ask.
  • What are your levels of service offerings? Think of a small offer for a small amount of money, then upsell them on the value of the next best option while shopping for the first offer.


Armed with the above checklist, go out and take the plan for a spin. Drop us a line and let us know how it goes. We’re here if you need us.